I UK [ʃɒk] / US [ʃɑk] noun
Word forms "shock":
singular shock plural shocks
1) [singular/uncountable] the feeling of being very surprised by something bad that happens unexpectedly

Jessica's face was blank with shock.

News of the murder left us all in shock.

give someone a shock:

It will give him a shock when he sees how much you've spent.

get a shock:

My mother got a shock when she saw my new haircut.

Verbs frequently used with shock as the object ▪  experience, feel, get, have, receive, suffer
a) [countable, usually singular] something that happens unexpectedly and makes you feel very surprised and upset

The price of housing was quite a shock for us.

come as a shock:

The announcement came as a complete shock to me.

a great/terrible shock:

It was a terrible shock to discover he was already married.

b) [only before noun] British mainly journalism making someone surprised or upset
shock defeat/win:

The tournament started yesterday with two shock defeats.

Adjectives frequently used with shock
▪  big, great, nasty, severe, terrible
3) [uncountable] a medical condition in which you suddenly become very weak and cold and do not react normally, especially after a serious accident or injury

people suffering from shock

in shock:

Natalie was used to working with patients in shock.

4) [countable] a sudden flow of electricity that goes through your body that sometimes happens when you touch certain objects

You could get an electric shock if you touch it.

5) [singular] hair that is very thick

The man had a shock of white hair.

6) [countable] informal a shock absorber

II UK [ʃɒk] / US [ʃɑk] verb
Word forms "shock":
present tense I/you/we/they shock he/she/it shocks present participle shocking past tense shocked past participle shocked
1) [transitive] if something bad and unexpected shocks someone, they are very surprised or upset by it

The news shocked everyone.

We were all shocked by the lies he told.

2) [intransitive/transitive] to make someone feel embarrassed or offended by saying or doing something offensive or immoral

He only says things like that to shock you.

3) [transitive] to give someone an electric shock

English dictionary. 2014.

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